Egan Acres Tree Farm Testimonials

From Corporate Vice President TelCel

January 21, 1999

Dear Mr. Egan,

We are very pleased to return the material that you borrowed us during your visit last December. They are the photo album, a book titled “Wall Street Christmas” and some separated pictures. Such material was very helpful and based on it, we could print many publications explaining to the rest of the country, how wonderful was the 1998 Telcel’s Christmas Tree.

In the other hand, we take opportunity to send you the special booklet that we made about our Christmas Tree. This booklet was delivered nation wide (more than ten thousands of people received). We look forward to see you and your team again.

Best regards,
Haydee Cisneros de Salas

From Electrical Engineer GE

January 14, 1997

To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to recommend Egan Acres Tree Farm as a source for Christmas trees.

Mr. John Egan provided our Christmas Tree as our plant this year. The tree that we were looking for was a very special one. We were needing a 25 ft. Christmas tree. Mr. Egan provided to us a beautiful 25 ft. Full Sheared Premium Balsam Fir. The quality and service were excellent. In this kind of business details are very important and Mr. Egan makes sure to cover all of them, beginning from the quality of the tree to the transportation of the tree.

I am very satisfied with Egan Acres Tree Farm and I recommend them for any job related to Christmas trees. They are very professional and always give full support to their customers.

Angel R. Garcia, P.E.

From City Forester City of Houston

November 18, 1997

Dear Mr. Egan:

I wanted to thank you for all of your generosity during my time in New York, while searching for our city Christmas tree. We called you on very short notice, and we thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to show me the trees you had available.

The 48 foot Norway spruce arrived on schedule. I have been doing this for seven (7) years, and this is the first time that we have had a tree with no broken branches.

We will definitely keep you in mind for next year’s tree, and will gladly refer you to other cities that are in search of a tree.

Once the tree is decorated, I will take a photo and send it to you for your records.

See you next year!

Victor Cordova, City Forester
Urban Forestry Section
Parks and Recreation Department

From Park Avenue Malls Holiday Lighting Project

April 30, 1991

Dear prospective customer,

I am please to recommend Mr. James Egan as a source for Christmas trees.

Mr. Egan has provided the Christmas trees for Park and Madison Avenues for the past two years, and we have been extremely pleased with the quality of the trees he has given us. He has kept ahead of the electricians and has more than willing to correct or remedy any installations that we felt needed charging for liability or esthetic reasons.

I think you will be very satisfied with Mr. Egan’s trees and with Mr. Egan. In addition, he employs a good crew of enthusiastic, accommodating and helpful young men.

If you need any other further information, please feel free to call me.

Best Regards,
Margaret Terms

Maxon Pontiac-Honda-Hyundai-GMC Truck-Buick-Mazda: Union, N.J.

March, 1995


This is to inform you that we have done business with Egan Acres Tree Farm for the installation of what was the largest Christmas Tree in the Northeast (approximately 100 feet). I am pleased to report that all business conducted by Mr. John Egan and his company was accomplished in a highly satisfactory manner. Mr. Egan and his staff were always helpful in providing us with a variety of trees and advise on maximizing this extremely unique promotion. In this very specialized field, we have found that Mr. Egan has a broad range of experience and expertise, particularly as it relates to tough installations where safety is of paramount concern.

He delivered on time and at the contracted amount and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in this type of endeavor.

Tim Ciasulli

Cushman & Wakefield: Uniondale, NY

April, 91

I am pleased to introduce you to Egan Acres Tree Farm, Inc., and the services that they have performed for Cushman & Wakefield at EAB Plaza in Uniondale, Long Island.

Each year we hold a traditional Christmas Tree ceremony by installing a very large and full tree which we light up for the Christmas season. To achieve and have a successful event each year it takes a lot of effort by Egan Tree Farm to provide the most important item which is the Christmas Tree. Their job is to find a tree, prepare it for cutting and transport it from the site which generally is a long distance to Uniondale. Egan Tree Farm has been performing this need for the last three years and we find that they are dependable and do a professional job in providing and installing the tree each year.

George Schneider
Portfolio Manager

1999 Bowling Green Christmas Tree

Dedication for James Egan: 1914-1993

For a life lived in service to his family, his city and his country, we honor the life and the memory of James Egan who for decades was synonymous with the celebration of Christmas here in the Lower Manhattan business district, most notably Egan Acres Tree Farm, the company he founded, each Holiday Season for almost half a century supplied and decorated the well known New York Stock Exchange Christmas Tree on Broad Street.

This year at Bowling Green the tradition is renewed. John Egan his son and the company he now heads the same Egan Acres Tree Farm, has brought to Bowling Green this last Christmas of the Millennium a Perfect 60ft. tall spruce the most beautiful Christmas Tree in New York City this season.

We therefore today December 14, 1999, in a spirit of Joy & Hope, do dedicate this magnificent tree of life in the name of James Egan and may it shine brightly throughout this Season a beacon for all guiding us into the promise of the new Millennium.

Arthur R. Piccolo
December 14, 1999

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