As Big as Telcel

As Big as Telcel

This 52 foot Douglas Fir was brought to Canaimas Park of Caracas by Egan Acres Tree Farm from New York to Caracus, Venezuela by cargo plane in 1998. The tree was then lowered by a crane through the ceiling of the Telcel building. Part of the glass ceiling had been removed to prepare for the Tree. This Douglas Fir was placed and decorated in the center hallway by Egan Acres Tree Farm staff. Egan Acres Tree Farm workers were accompanied to Venezuela by John Loiacono and his son Joseph Loiacono, coordinators of the electrical operation.

plane7 Thousand Stars in Telcels Sky

There are 7 thousand colored lights beginning on December 4th that will light our path in virtue of the hope of Christmas. There are precisely 7,000 lights that will glow with the power of 45 thousand volts that decorate Telcels Christmas tree.

The tree is 16 meters (52 ft.) in height, 10 meters (32 ft) in width and 4 tons in weight. It also was decorated with 500 Christmas ornament balls, 500 bows and the beautiful star of Bethlehem at its top. By presenting this tree we extend our best wishes to you during 1999 and the next millenium.

Origin: New York
Species: Douglas Fir, evergreen of the Pinaceae family.
Characteristics: Perfect symmetry, exuberant fullness, impressive greenery and intense aroma.
Measurements: 16 meters (52 ft) in height, 10 meters (32 ft.) in diameter, and 4 tones in weight.
Ornaments: 7,000 lights of multiple colors that shine with 45,000 volts, more than a thousand decorated red bows and plastic ornament balls.
General Production Company: Egan Acres Tree Farm Company of New York has decorated such important firms as the N.Y. Stock Exchange, Chase Manhattan Plaza, and the Seagram Building in New York and Maxon Motors In New Jersey.
Transportation: The tree came to Venezuela in a boeing 747 cargo plane, kept at a temperature of 8 degrees Celcius, (46 degrees Fahrenheit), went through Customs, and landed in Senaduana, transported to Maiquetia, then brought to Caracas on a 13 meter long flatbed truck.
Base Construction: Made by 13-11 Design, the tree was placed in a 4 X 4 meter metal container that held 500 liters of water to maintain tree freshness.
Installation and Logistics: The tree was hoisted into the Canaima Torre Park. Part of the glass roof of the building had to be removed. It took an 80 meter tall crane, 20 men working to raise the tree from the truck, through the hold in the ceiling and into the Telcel building. This operation was supervised by Egan Acres Tree Farm.
Worth: 24 hours of the day throughout the 1998 Christmas festivities, it will be available for all to see, with the best wishes from Telcel to the Venezuelan people.
This project was completed by John Egan and his sons. The first image shows the process of transportation of large Christmas trees by airplane. The photos below illustrate the process of lowering the 52′ tree by crane though the ceiling.


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