We Supply the Largest Christmas Trees in the World!

We do not sell small trees retail. Our specialty is setting up and decorating large trees.  

For the past 55 years, my family and I have supplied, set up, decorated and removed some of the world’s largest and most beautiful Christmas trees in New York and other areas including 108’ and 118’ Norway Spruce in Houston, Texas and 110’ and 120’ Norway spruce in Miami, Florida.

Nothing puts people in the Christmas spirit quite like the sight of a robust Christmas tree. At Egan Acres Tree Farm, we have helped spread the joy of Christmas by providing our commercial customers with record breaking Christmas trees. If you’re interested in putting an enormous Christmas tree outside your office building, in the middle of your town square, or in almost any other location, you can count on Egan Acres Tree Farm to provide you with a beautiful looking one.

Our World Record Breaking Largest Christmas Trees

Egan Acres Tree Farm has supplied, set up, decorated, and removed several world record breaking Christmas trees over the past 55-plus years. Most recently, we put up 108’ and 110’ Norway Spruce trees in Houston, Texas. That is just one of many examples, as outlined below. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create the best and safest plan for putting up and taking down these massive trees.

We Have Provided 5 of the Largest Christmas Trees in the USA

  1. A 135’ Christmas tree at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California
  2. A 120’ Christmas tree in Miami, Florida
  3. A 97’ Christmas tree in Andover, Massachusetts
  4. An 86’ Christmas tree in Newark, New Jersey
  5. An 80’ Christmas tree in Uniondale, New York

We’re also responsible for putting up and taking down many other world record breaking Christmas trees in other parts of the country and world. This includes a 52’ Christmas tree in Caracas, Venezuela, a 65’ Christmas tree on Wall Street in New York City that we put up for 45 years, a 75’ Christmas tree for the Chase Manhattan Plaza in New York City that we put up for 25 years, and even a collection of more than 180 Christmas trees that we used to create a pyramid design outside of the Seagram Building on Park Avenue in New York City.

What’s more, Egan Acres Tree Farm has also been put in charge of a litany of special projects involving giant commercial Christmas. For the past 18 years we have delivered, erected, illuminated, decorated, and removed a 60 foot Christmas tree that sits atop a working multimillion dollar water fountain in Campus Martius Park in Detroit, Michigan. We were also asked to help erect an 80’ Christmas tree in the Bowling Green park in New York City that featured angels on it made from silver. Notably, the silver was recovered from the ruins of the Scotia Bank in the World Trade Center. The silver was donated by Scotia Bank and used to honor all those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Giant Commercial Christmas Trees

Egan Acres Tree Farm is fully qualified (and insured!) to help you obtain, set up, decorate, light up, and take down any large Christmas trees. We’ve passed the Kroll Associates Review and have earned a recommendation from the National Christmas Tree Association. We’ve also been featured by a wide range of media outlets, including the American Christmas Tree Journal, the New York Times, CNN, and more.

Additionally, we’ve received countless letters from our clients letting us know just how much they’ve loved our giant commercial Christmas trees! Our clients have come to appreciate the fact that we handle nearly everything. This includes delivering them, illuminating them, putting them up, and then taking them back down at the end of the Christmas season. You won’t have to worry about lifting a finger when you ask us for assistance.

We Will Travel Anywhere in the World to Bring Happiness to the People During the Christmas Season!

If you’re in need of giant commercial Christmas trees, Egan Acres Tree Farm will travel anywhere in the world to lend a helping hand. We look forward to bringing happiness to people all over the globe throughout the Christmas season and hope you’ll consider contacting us the next time you’re in need of a supersized Christmas tree!

Call Egan Acres Tree Farm at 914-804-8981 for more information and please note, we also cater to those interested in buying fresh-cut Christmas trees on a wholesale level.

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