Supplying the Largest Christmas Trees, Worldwide!

For the past 55 years, my family and I have supplied, set up, decorated and removed some of the world’s largest and most beautiful Christmas trees in New York and other areas including 108’ and 118’ Norway Spruce in Houston, Texas and 110’ and 120’ Norway spruce in Miami, Florida.

Christmas Tree Farm Network LogoWe have provided five of the largest Christmas trees in the USA:

  1. 135’ 6 Flags, California
  2. 120’ in Miami, Florida
  3. 97’ in Andover, Massachusetts
  4. 86’ in Newark, New Jersey
  5. 80’ in Union Dale, New York

We also supplied and decorated a 52’ Douglas fir in Caracas, Venezuela, a 65’ Christmas tree for Wall Street for 45 years, and a 75’ Christmas tree for Chase Manhattan Plaza in New York for 25 years. A pyramid design of 182 trees has been designed, supplied, and erected at the Seagram Building on Park Avenue in New York City.

We will travel anywhere in the world to bring happiness to the people during the Christmas season!

An 80′ tree was delivered, set up, erected, and illuminated in Dallas, Texas. A 55′ Spruce was delivered, illuminated and taken down on top of a multi-million dollar water fountain in Campus Martius Park, in Detroit, Michigan.

Our 80’ Christmas tree at the Bowling Green in New York City was decorated with silver angels. This silver was recovered from the ruins of the Scotia Bank in the World Trade Center, and was donated by Scotia Bank to create these angels in commemoration of the victims of the disaster. This tree was dedicated in their honor.

Egan Acres Tree Farm has passed the Kroll Associates Review and is recommended by the National Christmas Tree Association.

Egan Acres Tree Farm is prepared to deliver, set up, decorate, illuminate, and take down any size Christmas tree, decorations, or pyramid design of trees. All of our jobs are fully insured.

On our blog page you will find an article about our company in the January 2003 issue of the American Christmas Tree Journal of the National Christmas Tree Association, the front page of the New York Times, other newspaper articles, CNN reports, photos of some past jobs performed, and some letters of recommendation.

My family and I will travel anywhere in the world to bring happiness to the people for the Christmas season. We also have fresh cut Balsam fir trees and other varieties to be sold on the wholesale level for the home or business. Balled and burlapped trees are available to be planted, as well as wreaths and garland. We also specialize in landscape design.